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Cover art for Faithful Place

Faithful Place

Written by Tana French

Frank Mackey hasn't been back to the Dublin neighborhood where he grew up (known as Faithful Place) since his high school sweetheart, Rosie Daly, failed to meet him on the night they planned to elope to England. Everyone, including Frank, assumed that Rosie went on to England on her own, but now, twenty-two years later, her suitcase, packed for that night, has been found. So where is Rosie?

Against his better judgement, Frank, now an undercover cop, goes back to Faithful Place, and to the dysfunctional family he had hoped to avoid for the rest of his life, to try and find out what happened.

In French's novel, things start out badly and get worse, as Frank gets drawn back in to the old neighborhood, and bad relationships he thought he had escaped. Tensions between Frank and his family, the police and the neighborhood, as well as old Ireland and new, run high in this well-written thriller.

If you enjoy Faithful Place, you should also try The Likeness and Broken Harbor.

Recommended by Catherine



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