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Cover art for The Moomins and the Great Flood

The Moomins and the Great Flood

Written by Tove Jansson

This is the first Moomin book by Tove Jansson, in which we are introduced to the Moomin family. Do you not know the Moomins? (They live behind stoves in Sweden). They are an adventurous and loving family who resemble hippopotami, with large snouts, round bodies and short legs... consisting of Moominpappa (he loves to go adventuring), Moominmamma (she always carries her handbag and is very kind and resourceful), and Moomintroll (he is friendly and very curious).
Moominpappa has gone off adventuring with the Hattifatteners and Moominmamma and Moomintroll are wandering through a forest looking for a nice place to build a house. They meet several creatures, Tulippa with the long blue hair (she stays behind to help the red-haired boy who lives in the lighthouse), the small creature (who in later stories is Sniff) and begin to search for Moominpappa. After several adventures including the Great Flood they do find Moominpappa, with the help of the Marabou stork. Read the book, (it isn't too long) to find out if the family ever finds a home...

This is a lovely tale on its own and is a wonderful book for reading out loud.

We have several other books available starring the adventurous and magical Moomins including Moominpappa at Sea (one of my favorites!).

Recommended by Suzi



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