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Cover art for A Possible Life

A Possible Life

Written by Sebastian Faulks

Our consciousness connects us, our humanity binds us together. This novel explores these connections through the lives of five different characters, some in the past, some in the present, some in the future, but each of them experiences life in his or her own way. We have choices in life and the ones we make, the roads we take, determine our destination. The language of these stories creates the experiences and worlds of the characters perfectly. In the first story an Englishman volunteers to help the French Resistance and imperils his life and sanity whilst changing his destiny forever. In the second, a child is given up to an orphanage when his parents can't afford to feed all their children; there he meets the two girls with whom he will grow old...

The language is a joy, the stories vivid and heartbreaking..

If you enjoy A Possible Life, we have several of Sebastian Faulks' novels available in the library.

Recommended by Suzi



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