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Cover art for The Black House

The Black House

Written by Peter May

Edinburgh detective Fin MacLeod is sent to investigate a murder on the Isle of Lewis, the island where he was born and raised. It's a beautiful, dark and brooding landscape where the ghosts of his past still haunt him. Meeting his boyhood friends, and especially his first love, again brings his memories hauntingly to life. Told in a split framework, Fin's reactions are explained as we move from the present to the past. After 18 years people have changed, and old jealousies and resentments still simmer, however, Fin must find the truth as the storms build on the island....

This is an amazingly well-written mystery. Peter May's descriptions of the Isle of Lewis are poetic and bring the landscape to life, and his technique of exposing events of the past by Fin's current emotions is powerful and compelling. Not your average mystery, this book stands out both as a mystery and as a character study... First in a trilogy (yet to be written), I look forward to Peter May's next installment...

Recommended by Suzi



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