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Cover art for Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Written by Jessica George

In a northern land gripped by an endless winter, a girl known only to friends and family as “the lass” yearns to help her family in any way that she can. Most important to the lass is her oldest brother’s happiness, stripped away after he came back from working on the seas. One day the family is approached with an interesting proposition: if the lass agrees to go away and live in a castle for one year, her family will earn all the riches they desire. There is only one catch: this proposal is offered by a great white bear, who can’t explain why he wants the lass to live with him. The lass agrees, and soon she is whisked away to live in a giant ice castle staffed with magical creatures. Only something isn’t right, and while the lass has everything she could want, she feels there is more to the story than the bear is telling her. Those familiar with the fairy tale “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” will know what happens next, everyone else will be delighted with this fast paced tale.

Recommended by Kate



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