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Cover art for Blackout


Written by Connie Willis

I don't ordinarily read much science fiction or historical fiction, but I was sucked into this novel which defies categorization by combining the two genre types. The story's premise is that in the mid-21st century, time travel allows researchers to visit the time periods they are studying. In Blackout (and its sequel, All Clear) three researchers have traveled back in time to England during World War II. The researchers have always assumed that, provided they followed correct protocol, they couldn't alter the outcome of history, but when the three main characters find themselves trapped in the past, unable to return, they fear for both their lives and the future. This book combines the futuristic technological imagination of sci-fi with slice-of-life, you-are-there historical WWII details.

If you like this book, be sure to check out its sequel, All Clear, or Doomsday Book, by the same author, in which a time-traveler gets caught in an outbreak of Black Death in the Middle Ages.

Recommended by Catherine



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