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Cover art for Steam Laundry: Poems

Steam Laundry: Poems

Written by Nicole Stellon O'Donnell

Nicole Stellon O'Donnell will be reading from this book along with Sarah Crawford Isto at the event Fur Farms and Steam Laundry on Thursday, December 6th at 7pm at the Downtown Library. A workshop on writing using historical resources as a starting point will be offered on Friday 12/7/12.

From San Francisco to Skagway up over the Chilkoot Trail and on to Dawson, Steam Laundry is O'Donnell's unique portrait of a family's journey to Alaska. Their story is told through poems, a technique referred to as a novel in verse or a novel in poems. Most of the poems are letters chronicling the transformation of Joe and Ellen Gibson and their two sons. Interspersed are historical photos and documents from the Sarah Ellen Gibson Collection at UAF. You don't have to like poetry or history to enjoy this amazing chronicle of family relationships in the face of hardship.

Recommended by Jonas



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