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Wilby Wonderful

Written by Daniel MacIvor

Wilby Wonderful is a film from director, writer, playwright, and actor Daniel MacIvor. This web-of-life drama with a dark comedic edge takes place in a small town on the fictional island of Wilby, somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia. The film follows a cast of characters (played by a veritable who's who of Canadian cinema) over the course of a single day.
I first watched the film because Callum Keith Rennie is in it. I have an enduring crush on him and have watched a lot of films he's in which I won't be recommending. The film is really more a series of character sketches than a narrative, all put together and tied with quiet Canadian irony.
I like this film, it entertains and makes you care about the characters. There are even actors known in the States, like Sandra Oh and Ellen Page. And there's Callum who is doing a rare sweet romantic role. Pop some popcorn and enjoy.

Recommended by LouAnn



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