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Cover art for Some Tame Gazelle

Some Tame Gazelle

Written by Barbara Pym

A quick summary: Belinda and Harriet are two sisters (and spinsters) who live together. Harriet loves doting on young curates, while Belinda has been in love with the Archdeacon for years now. The Archdeacon is, by the way, married. The book talks about things that happen in the town, including the arrival of two gentlemen and a few marriage proposals. She also has wonderful comments on libraries and librarians.
Barbara Pym is a wonderful writer. She as a keen eye for detail and reveals so much in a single sentence.I laugh out loud in places, I smile frequently at Pym's wonderful turns of phrase, and I sighed contentedly at the end.
Pym satisfies.

Recommended by LouAnn



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