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Cover art for Preserving Basics: 77 Recipes Illustrated Step by Step

Preserving Basics: 77 Recipes Illustrated Step by Step

Written by Jody Vassallo

Preserving Basics is just one title in a series of cookbooks called My Cooking Class, which illustrates each recipe with a series of photographs showing each step in the process. Besides being more visually informative than a written recipe, the photographs are gorgeous on their own. This particular book shows how to make jams, jellies, mustards and more, but other books in the series include (but are not limited to) Pasta Basics, Sauce Basics, and Cake Basics. Find them by searching for 'my cooking class' in the catalog.

Other cookbooks in the library's collection that also have step-by-step illustrated instructions include: How to Cook Everything - The Basics, by Mark Bittman; Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking, by Caroline Bretherton; and The Family Meal, by Ferran Adria.

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